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The Connection His Way Church

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The Connection His Way Church, in Red Bluff, California, believes in the Unity of the body of Christ. It is their desire to connect Christians and non-Christians to the body of believers in our community.  The church's web site, located at, provides information about the church, their mission and ministry.

The Connection His Way Church posts audio of their sermons on their website (check out the archives at as well as video recordings on their Video Sermon and Worship page, located at


You may also follow them on Facebook; their Facebook page is

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The Music of Norm Schmidt

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Singer/Songwriter Norm Schmidt, Chuck's brother, focuses his energy, talent and gifts toward the furtherment of God's Kingdom. Many say he sounds like the late John Denver, James Taylor, or Harry Chapin.

No matter; his heart is for God, all people, and singing about His wonderful creations, nature, His glory, and reaching the ones who need to find peace with their maker. He is also very passionate about supporting our soldiers.

Norm is a good Christian man who has been gifted with song writing and singing praise and worship to our lovely Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Be sure and visit his website, Music of Norm Schmidt, at and check out his songs and music!

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