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Bible Studies and Sermons on Audio by Chuck Schmidt

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Sunday, September 17, 2023

Hi Everyone!


Today's lessons from the Lord help us to better understand and deal with our 'enemies' and also the Lord taught today on what the kingdom of God is like.  Have a listen if you have the time (  Or view similar lessons on the church Facebook site The Connection His Way Church.  (

or Youtube.  (

Once again, even after David spared Saul's life in the cave, the evil spirit came on Saul and he went after David in the wilderness.  This time, David visited Saul in the mist of Saul's army camp of 3,000 armed men at night, but would not kill Saul.  The Lord put the army into a heavy sleep and David  took a token of his visit or a 'witness' to show Saul that the Lord delivered him into his hands.  Like last time this had a profound affect on Saul for the moment but it did not change his heart toward David.  We to must realize that we can witness or try and help folks out with their problems but this kind of change is a matter of the heart and only God can do that.  It's very frustrating to witness or help folks in the name of the Lord but only to be rejected making our effort of no effect.  But that's not really true is it?  When we witness and are rejected, we plant those seeds of truth that may some day grow into salvation!


The sermon today was on Matthew Chapter 13: 24-52.  In these few verses, Jesus teaches using four parables about the kingdom of God, explains one of them in detail, then warns about being rejected by those who know you from before you were saved.  The parable He explained was the story of the wheat field filled with weeds.  It's a clear picture of this world full of believers and non-believers and God harvesting the believers to heaven (into his barn) and harvesting the weeds for destruction in hell.  Straight, hard-hitting teaching about heaven and hell.  And some of the parables teach that the gift of grace is the 'pearl of great price'.  The thing is that Jesus paid for that pearl of great price, salvation.  Maybe if grace wasn't free folks would be more apt to accept it.  But no, there isn't anything we can give the Lord as payment for grace.  We surrender to his love, accept him, and receive this great gift and then want, not have, to serve him and love him.  Why?  Because He loves us so.




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Chuck Schmidt leads an adult Bible study on Sunday morning at a retirement home in the Red Bluff area, followed by two church services.  Since November, 2011, Chuck has been recording the messages and sending them out to friends that are interested in them.  If you would like to be added to the mailing list, contact Chuck at

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