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Sunday, October 15, 2017


Hi Everyone!

What an unbelievable tragedy in Santa Rosa with all the fires: death toll, missing persons, loss of structures. We pray for mercy and that the Lord uses all these many challenges and trials for salvation.

Today's Bible study was on James Chapter 2 where he hits two major themes we must live by: 1) we can show no partiality in the church or in our christian walk, and 2) faith without works is dead.  When we judge a person, Christian, except by the Word, we sin.  We cannot have this sin in the church or in our hearts.  All are loved equally by God, made in His image and likeness.  If we do this, we are doing what Jesus hates; hypocrisy.  Then James drops the bomb.  If you are saved by grace, show mercy and works.  Not that works saves, but works is an 'outpouring' of faith and grace.  If we don't 'work' for the Lord, doing what He has for us, what kind of 'love' toward God do we show Him.  We were made for His pleasure and purpose.  We both please Him and show our love and appreciation for Him when we 'work' for Him. And Jesus' business is the works on our part that lead to salvation.

The sermon today was on Genesis Chapter 17, where God repeats and solidifies His covenant or promise with Abram.  He repeats the covenant, promises Abram prosperity and a great nation from him, and commands circumcision for all followers at the age of 8 days.  He reminds him that he will have a son by Sari (Abram laughs since he is 99 and she is 90), Abraham reminds God of Ishmael, then God tells Abraham (name change for both parents, Sarah) he has blessed Ismael but that He has a covenant with Issac.   And of that covenant a sign is needed or commitment with God's people- circumcision.  Abraham complies.   Fast forward to Moses.  Moses does have his son circumcised (we think his wife would not go along with this) and because of that, God was intended to kill Moses on the way to Egypt, but his wife intervenes and God spares Moses.....God is serious about His covenant.  Fast forward now to the cross.  Jesus was 'cut off' or circumcised from the Holy Trinity for us, the Father could not look upon his Son with our sin.  Jesus shed the blood for our part in the original covenant which is an everlasting covenant!  We too must show a sign as we are  under this covenant, but it's not a circumcision of the heart.  We must allow Him to 'cut us off' from our flesh and the world so we can receive grace and serve him.  This covenant given to Abraham performed for us by Jesus on the cross is the foundation of our faith, belief, and relationship with God, His grace!  Go be that 'sign' of circumcision for God today and every day.  Let the world know that He separated you and saved you to Himself!



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