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Sunday, February 16, 2020

Hi Everyone!
Good lessons for us in our daily lives, our walk with Jesus, and being 'spirit filled and lead' by God.  Have a listen if you have the time (
The Bible study today was on First Peter Chapter 3; remember he is encouraging his church members, who are being martyred for their faith by the Romans and rejected by their Jewish families.  We think we have problems!  But Peter tells them to not fear the suffering, trials and terror that is to come.  We think this doesn't apply to us, but what about the suffering, trials and terror that comes along with a serious health issue like cancer?  Cancer often devours a body like the lions in the coliseum.  But regardless of the 'trial', and we all know they keep coming, we must remember that we are saved, there are blessings and rewards for suffering as Christ did for us, and we are to always be looking for our chance to witness in Christ's name to non-believers as we go through these trials.  Peter also talks about achieving abundant living by following God's rules for conduct in our marriages, families, at work, and where ever we are.  Men and women have difficulty in marriage because we forget about the curse caused by original sin, and how God made women to love their husbands and the husbands were made to 'rule' over the wife.   This is what we call a 'set-up'!  God wants us to grow in an intimate relationship with our spouse that requires submission, so that we can likewise submit to Christ and His rule over our lives.  This is simply not possible without the help of the Holy Spirit in us.
The sermon today was on the exploits of Paul and Barnabas on Paul's first mission trip.  They had great success and, because of this made powerful enemies, who followed them from city to city and ultimately stoned Paul whom they left for dead.  Paul jumped up, went back into the city, then traveled back to the cities where these hateful people were from and started churches in the name of the Lord.  Wow!  Talk about resolve.  The chapter ends with God commending them for their faithful and good works.  Oh what joy that brought them knowing that they had served and pleased the Lord.  Hey, this is available to all of us.  All we have to do is ask God what we can do for Him!


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