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Sunday, September 20, 2020


Hi Everyone!

We learn today that we all have gifts given us by the Holy Spirit to serve God in our local churches, and that we live and serve by faith! Have a listen if you have the time ( Or, you may choose to view the same or similar lessons on the church Facebook site The Connection His Way Church or our web site

The Bible study today was on I Corinthians and Paul shows us how we are all essential components of our church, all serving Christ as the Holy Spirit give us spiritual gifts to serve God. Each person is made unique and for God's purpose, and His purpose is salvation of the lost! The working of our local churches, lead by the Holy Spirit serving Christ is much like our body parts in our bodies- all unique and with different functions which benefit the church. In doing so we receive the reward of joy from the Lord, the growth of our churches along with the growth of the universal church of God- his Body. We are all working for Him as one body and must support and love each other and never be resentful as to how He has made us and gifted us to serve Him. Remember that He made us for His pleasure and purpose, not ours. All spiritual gifts from God are wonderful! If you don't know yours, pray and He will show you and encourage you in service!

The sermon today was from Hebrews Chapter 11, and now we see why Hebrews is called the book of faith! The author starts off with the wonderful memory verse....1 "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." Wow! We are all given a measure of faith, and we grow our faith by believing and trusting in the Lord. Then, a wonderful report is given for all those heroes of the faith are mentioned reminding us that...they all had faith. But what about us? All those mentioned had faith in salvation and the resurrection, but we are so much more fortunate in that we know we are saved by the blood of Jesus, the second covenant. And by faith we live out the promises given us by God in the Bible including abundant living now. We live and walk by faith in our Jesus...something the heroes of faith only had vision of, or 'hoped for'. We have great joy because we know, since God has made us new, we are saved!






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