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Sunday, October 21, 2018


Hi Everyone!

Well, we went down some 'dark alleys' today in Bible Study. We studied a book that is often misunderstood and dismissed because it's 'too graphic'. But, it's the perfect picture of God's heart for unfaithful people whom He loves.

The Bible study today was on Hosea Chapters 1 and 2 were God anoints Hosea as a prophet and then, right out of the box, He tells him to go marry a whore! Many say that this book is fiction because a 'holy' God would not ask a 'holy' prophet to do an 'unholy' thing and marry a sinner such as Gomer. Hey, guess what- first off everything is true in the Bible, and secondly....God will stop at nothing to reach His people. Who are His people....EVERY ONE! I got one better. I heard tell that a 'holy' God sent His 'holy' Son to die on the cross for all sinners. If you can get over that, nothing in the Word should upset or surprise you. Anyway, God shows us His heart, how He feels when we reject Him as we 'go a whoring' as He puts it in the Bible. It's like our spouse cheating on us and being unfaithful in adultery to our holy God. So He had Hosea marry a whore and have children of 'whoredome' to make a point, an object lesson to His people as they were unfaithful to Him by worshiping idols. He also prophesies about the wrath of God to come, and the restoration. He is a God of wrath, mercy, and grace. Stay tuned....the story gets better!

The sermon today was on Matthew Chapter 20, where the theme of the chapter this week is the last line of the Chapter 19 last week- the last will be first and the first last. Jesus tells a parable about the owner of a vineyard that hires laborers throughout the day, but pays them all the same reward, a full days' wage. The guys that worked an hour and got paid a days' wage were very happy but the ones that worked all day, not so much. They felt like they should have gotten more than they were promised given that they worked more than the other guys. They complained to the owner and he said the money or reward was His property and he could do with it what he liked. I the story, the vineyard is the earth, Jesus is the owner, and we are the laborers and the reward is grace. The lesson is about folks saved young that have served Jesus all their lives compared to those saved by the bell on their death bed, both receiving the same reward...salvation. There is all kinds of flesh in the church that should not be, like folks begrudging those saved last who will be first...the lost sheep Jesus goes out after! There is also petty rankings that should not be as the chapter includes- some asking for more honor in heaven than others. The topper of the chapter is that ....of all the folks that walked and met Jesus, few called Him Lord and Son of David (Messiah), except these two blind dudes that shouted for Jesus asking for mercy. They called Him by His proper name, they professed Him and were most certainly saved. They could not see Him with their eyes, only their heart. For their faithfulness, they were healed by Jesus. Many have sight in this world, but few can ...see....Jesus.



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