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Sunday, October 25, 2020

Hi Everyone!

Greetings of grace and peace, from us here and from apostle Paul (and Jesus of course)!  Paul's trademark greeting really works.  Good lessons for right living today- have a listen if you have the time here at, or view similar lessons on our church Facebook site The Connection His Way Church or our web site (
The Bible study today was on II Corinthians Chapter 1 where Paul starts right off dealing with the same issues he addressed in I Corinthians- that he is an apostle appointed by Jesus Christ, and he is doing the will of God and not his own will.  Some in this church were essentially bringing  in a different gospel, false teachers, and they were challenging Paul's authority.  This kind of thing happens a lot even today, but especially at the start of the early church.  They also were upset that he had told them the was going to stop by for a short visit then hoped to stop again on a return trip and stay longer.  That didn't happen as he had planned.  Because of this, they doubted his truthfulness or devotion.  He told them he had made such plans in all honesty, but God changed his plans.  We all need to make godly plans for sure, but like Paul we must live by the doctrine that God orders our steps.  He then adds a note to the end of the chapter that God changed his plans giving the church more time in order to correct these problems so that he could come in joy rather than discipline.  We will find out later in this book that they did properly respond to his guidance and teaching.  He handled is situation with true love for his brothers and sisters in Christ- good lesson for church leaders!  God knows everything, and He knows best.
The sermon today was on James Chapter 3.  What can we say?  We are all guilty of not 'taming our tongues'!  He describes how such a small body part can control the whole body and even start great forest fires among our friends and family.  We often forget that God says that a gentle word quiets anger and wrath.  He says that the tongue cannot be tamed, but we must never stop trying.  We often say things in anger or fear that we cannot take back.  Even after mutual forgiveness, we don't forget.  That's why his teaching here is so very important.  James then goes on to talk about 'true' wisdom from God, not 'earthly' wisdom.  True wisdom is pure, peaceable, gentle, easy to be entreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy.  Further God says that we can have this heavenly wisdom simply by praying for it.  I want that!  And so should you!




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