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Sunday, October 13, 2019

Hi Everyone!

I just love the gospel of John; I love teaching it and I love preaching it. We learn so much about God, His heart, and the plan of salvation for the world. Great lessons today in John Chapter 6. Likewise Luke Chapter 22. Have a listen if you have the time. (

The Bible study today was fantastic! Three big things happen: 1) Jesus feeds the 5,000 men and likely their families (provides for them and sets up a great lesson), 2) He walks on water showing the disciples that He was God and to fear not, and 3) He teaches that if you want to be saved, you must take Jesus inside your hearts. So when it came to feed the huge multitude, Jesus did so and then offered to them himself, the 'bread of life' that was 'come down from heaven'. They didn't get it but instead wanted more provision, more physical bread and more signs showing that He was the Messiah. Jesus gave three passionate discussions on the topic each being more graphic to try and show them they must take Jesus 'in'. They didn't get it, but as he continued with this train of thought and ending with the absurd position that if you want to be saved you must eat my flesh and drink my blood....the lesser disciples left Jesus. He tried to teach them that the flesh profits nothing, but the spirit brings life eternal. We must all learn to see in the spirit. Isn't that the challenge today. People fear Jesus and the unknown- what will happen to me if I follow Jesus? I don't want to change and I put more trust in this physical world that the teachings of Jesus. Jesus brought us the only message of hope in the world; His love poured out on the cross and His words of truth; eternal life in Him. Peter witnessed all this and proclaimed Jesus the Christ! Only He Jesus had the words of eternal life.

The sermon today was on the first half of Luke Chapter 22. Jesus prepares for the Passover and the last supper as He instituted the practice of communion. He identified His betrayer, and warned Peter of what was to happen to him, the denial of Jesus, and then Peter 'coming back to Jesus'. His mission was, after he returned to Jesus with full faith, was to strengthen his brothers. Isn't that how it goes with us? We face a trial of faith, and fail or not we come back to Jesus either for forgiveness or in celebration and in both cases with greater faith. That's great for us but then we must strengthen our brothers and sisters in Christ with our growth in Christ. Jesus taught the disciples to now be prepared for the work of the ministry in this world, and do the work that He has for us. Next week, it's on to the garden and trials!





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