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Sunday, February 10, 2019


Hi Everyone!

Great studies today from James Chapter 3 and Mark Chapter 5. Have a listen if you have the time (

The Bible study today hit everyone hard....taming the tongue. James gets right down to brass tacks. If we have strive and envy and evil in our hearts....that comes out in our conversations as arguments and hurts those around us, and ourselves, by saying things we know are wrong and that will hurt others. He says that it is impossible to control the tongue; it cannot be tamed. That is true because if we could he says we would be 'perfect' and have our entire body under control. Folks, taming the tongue is the goal and each day we can work at this and do better, but it will never be tamed. Why? It's part of our 'natural' body which was born in sin. But we now have a new body born in Spirit. Let's all work harder at the inward work of sanctification, which includes blessing both man and God with our tongues. It's what comes out of the mouth Jesus says, that defiles us. How many times we wish that we could 'take back' what was said. Controlling or taming the tongue shows our 'works' and blesses.

The sermon today was from Mark Chapter 5. Mark included three stories of Jesus' ministry and they all spoke the same message...submission and faith. The chapter opens with a demon-possessed man worshiping Jesus while the demons in him, Legion (many), acknowledged God and begged not to be cast out of the country or into the abyss. Jesus allowed them to enter a heard of pigs and the towns people feared God and asked Him to leave. They were not willing to submit to God in faith like the demon-possessed guy and stand in the light. When Jesus crossed back over the sea and in the crowd, a Jewish leader named Jarius fell to his knees and begged Jesus to heal his dying daughter. At that moment he gave up his position in the Jewish leadership, his job, and his authority but, he saved his daughter's life. He submitted to Jesus and had faith He could heal her. While this was going on, a woman with a blood flow for 12 years had faith enough to touch Jesus' clothing and be healed- she submitted and had faith. After she was healed they came with the news that Jarius' daughter was dead. Jesus went, told him to believe, and raised her from the dead. All three stories were stories of submission and faith in Jesus. Gee, that was how we got saved- we had faith and submitted to Jesus and received the gift of grace, the unmerited favor of God unto salvation. It's ALL about submission and faith!



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