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Sunday, August 19, 2018

Hi Everyone!

Just a quick note to share good news with you! Reading His word so lifts us and fills us; have a listen if you have the time.

The Bible study today was the start of a new book- Isaiah! Now this is a long book (66 chapters) but we will pick and choose chapters though the book to bring God's message to us. Today in Chapter 1, God shared His heart for a disobedient nation, His chosen people. He told them of the wrath and punishment to come but then, in the midst of His judgment, He asks them to come to the table and 'reason with Him'. He tells them that they can turn from their lifestyle of sin and be 'washed clean', receive blessings and salvation. We now live in a period of grace where His forgiveness is available, and when we repent from our sins and ask Him into our lives, we too are forgiven. And those that refuse, those that reject Him, unfortunately.....are consumed. This is the full gospel message, not just the parts we like. There is an eternal consequence for denying Jesus in this life. And we work to witness in His name hoping and praying that others will come to know Christ Jesus as savior.

The sermon was on Matthew Chapter 11. Last week was a hard lesson- if you deny me before men, I will deny you before my Father. Hard lesson. Today we had the softer side. Jesus tells us to take His yoke, His burdens are light, and come to Him. He will give us rest in our souls. Wow! Isn't that what we want? Before we knew Jesus, our burdens were pretty heavy because they were our burdens.But now that we have tossed those burdens, our old yoke aside, and have taken His. Life is way better now! His yoke or His burdens are all about loving and helping and comforting and living for Christ in Him, and witnessing in His name so that others we know might receive grace. How much better is our yoke now? Way better! Plus, we know by serving God now and doing His work, this what we do has eternal consequences for someone else.



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