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Bible Studies and Sermons on Audio by Chuck Schmidt

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Sunday, January 29, 2023

Hi Everyone!


How great is our Lord?  He is REALLY GREAT!  As we studied today, learning about how He has used common folks in faith, and having Him teach us at the start of holy week the most important lessons, we love Him even more.  Have a listen if you have the time (, or view similar lessons on the church Facebook site The Connection His Way Church.


The Bible study today was on Hebrews Chapter 11.  We spent the first 10 chapters learning all about our christian foundation and God's plan of salvation and purpose for us.  Today, Chapter 11 we learn all about having the 'faith' that we need to believe our Lords told in the Word.  Paul describes what faith's the substance of things not seen.  What?  Faith is spirit, we cannot see faith, but we can see the evidence of faith.  As these old testament hero's of faith obeying God and doing God's bidding, we see their faith in action.  How wonderful and great that is!  But.....I submit to you, that it takes more faith to believe the words in the Bible and accept grace.  Why?  Obeying God when He specifically and emphatically 'calls you' to serve Him, when He puts an 'unction' on your heart, and there is no way you cannot do what He wants you to do.....we comply and it's wonderful.  However, when you come to Jesus because you are seeking Him, and read His Word, and believe, that might take more faith!  Having faith and believing and trusting Him for more faith is truly abundant life!


The sermon today was on John Chapter 12: 1-36.  A lot happens in the first half of the chapter: Jesus has dinner with Mary, Martha and Lazarus and Mary anoints Him for His death and burial, Jesus rides a donkey into Jerusalem and is praised, Jesus tells what manner of sacrificial death He must die, the Father glorifies His Son and will glorify Him again, and Jesus explains in several ways why He must die.  The last is the most important for all of us.  He uses a dry, dead kernel of corn or seed to explain that the kernel must die so that it can spring forth new life, abundant life.  We are that new life!  We are the product of that death and as we accept grace, by our witness to Him, others may consider Jesus our Savior and accept salvation.  This process is how our Lord builds His kingdom- His death, witnesses, believers added, more witnesses....and on and on.  By free choice, many folks believe and accept the gift of forgiveness.  By free choice, many do not.  We remember those words that Jesus spoke to Thomas....Thomas be believing and not unbelieving.  We know what our job be believing and witness in the name of Jesus!





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Chuck Schmidt leads an adult Bible study on Sunday morning at a retirement home in the Red Bluff area, followed by two church services.  Since November, 2011, Chuck has been recording the messages and sending them out to friends that are interested in them.  If you would like to be added to the mailing list, contact Chuck at

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