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Sunday, December 16, 2018


Hi Everyone!

Windy, rainy and cold! Now it is starting to feel like winter. We are grateful for the rainy weather for many reasons, including the signal of the end of the 'fire' season. Some times with these fires, it feels like 'hell' around here. But, there is no disaster we will ever experience here on earth that comes close to hell. That's why we serve Him. Have a listen today if you have the time (

Today's Bible study was on I Timothy Chapter 6, the final notes and advice to Timothy. Oh how he must have read and re-read this letter from Paul, his spiritual Dad. He must have cared for it and cherished it like we do the Word...hey, it was and is THE WORD! Paul concluded his letter with advice for servants or employees serving as if it were for Christ, to avoid senseless discussion that go nowhere, to seek the virtues of God including patience, joy, righteousness, contentment- to be content with our provisions and to go about doing godly good works with contentment- teaching and exhorting. He warned that the love of money was the root of all evil, to share your riches with others especially your time and conversation. And he reminded Timothy and us, that...'you can' take it with you'! Not too many folks say, on their death bed, "I wish I worked a bit more and earned more money'. Most folks at the end, are focused on what they didn't do, like loving more and serving more, and on those types of things. Paul reminds us and Timothy, to focus on God, abundant living, and loving Christ and others with a Christ-like love, a true love. Paul tells us that, these are the important things, and Jesus is our loving Lord and Savior, worthy of our love and adoration.

The sermon today was on Matthew Chapter 27: 1-37. This takes us from Peter denying Jesus to Jesus on the cross as they hung the sign above His head "THIS IS JESUS KING OF THE JEWS'. They delivered Jesus to Pilate the governor while Judas was 'remorseful' for his deed of betrayal. They accuse Jesus of being the king who would retake Jerusalem, a crime against Rome. Pilate asks Jesus if He is King of the Jews. Jesus says 'yes'. But Jesus will not defend himself. Pilate finds no fault but under pressure turns Jesus, a sinless man, over to be crucified as he releases Barabbas, a guilt man- a sinner (scapegoat). Jesus fulfills all prophesy about His life and His death on the cross. Why all the details about the crucifixion? One reason may be that God wants us to know what these folks were thinking, what was in their heart as they killed our King. Another might be to let us know how much Jesus paid for our souls, what grace really means to us...what it's worth. But know this, Jesus was in complete command of this world-changing event, and no one killed Him. He gave himself as ransom for us; He was and is the perfect Lamb of God, given for our sins. And we receive the greatest gift of all from Him....grace...forgiveness....and everlasting life. Merry Christmas!



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