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Sunday, June 13, 2021

Hi Everyone!

Wow, how great is our LORD!  He answers all our questions before we ask through the Bible.  The lessons today were foundational to our faith and by believing and trusting in His Word, the Bible, we grow faith!   Have a listen if you have the time at, or view similar teachings on the church Facebook site The Connection His Way Church or our web site at

The Bible study today was on Genesis Chapter 9.  Our family walked off the boat and Noah made sacrifices to God in chapter 8, God gives Noah blessings, God gives two commandments to Noah- don't eat animal blood and no killing each other, God makes a covenant with all life that He will never again kill all flesh by flood, God gives a token or a sign of His covenant to all flesh-  rainbows in the clouds, Noah plants a vineyard, Noah makes wine, Noah sins by getting drunk, Ham and possibly his son Canaan sin, and that lineage is cursed.  Wow....gald you came?  In this chapter we have it all: God's blessings, two new commandments, a covenant, a token or sign for the covenant, and the curing of the blood line of Canaan.  These things are all foundational to our faith and our understanding of God.  More so, it gives us great faith to know that Jesus has made it possible that we, no matter what our sins are, can be free from sin.  As the lineage of Canaan were cursed to be servants or slaves to the lineage of his two uncles Shem and Japheth, in the same way those who choose the world, flesh or Satan's ways are cursed to be a slave to sin.  Jesus breaks those chains through His grace and we become servants of the most High God.  As we always say, it's all about choice.  Shem and Japheth chose not to be involved in the sin, whatever it was, and were not cursed.  Our curse of the second death we had at birth or our condemnation is left at the foot of the cross for all who are believers in the blood of the Lamb!
The sermon today was on Matthew 14, and it was all about faith in Jesus, the Son of God.  We see John the Baptist completing his mission in faith to God, we see Jesus teaching the disciples about faith as He feeds about 5,000 families, we see Jesus invite Peter step to step out in faith and Jesus lift him up as he faltered in his faith, and we see throngs of folks come to Jesus in faith for healing.  Friends, it's all about faith!  It takes faith to ask Jesus for grace, and it takes faith to walk in grace.  As we live out our lives as maturing Christians, we must constantly reject the influence of the world and walk by everything we do, turning first to Jesus for all things.  The mistake we often make is to take our eyes off of Jesus in the mist of the storm or trials.  It's easy to 'keep the faith' when the seas are calm, and it takes faith to rely on the Holy Spirit in us and to keep our focus on Jesus our Lord.  Help us Lord to 'walk by faith'!



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