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Sunday, September 19, 2021

Hi Everyone!

We went today in Bible study from the deliverance of the Hebrews to Egypt by God through Joseph, to the cross of Jesus and salvation in sermon!! Have a listen if you have the time Or, view similar teachings on the church Facebook site The Connection His Way Church or our web site at

The Bible study today was the conclusion of the story of Joseph and God bringing a 'great deliverance' to the Hebrews avoiding 'poverty' as a result of a seven year plague.  The story is one of the obedience of Joseph and him believing and following God through his trials which lead to Joseph becoming governor of Egypt where God had him council Pharaoh through dreams of a great famine.  In the process, God changed the hearts of Joseph's brothers, allow Joseph to forgive their evil deeds, and restore the heart of Jacob who was still morning the believed loss of his son Joseph.  The story is so compelling the even Pharaoh was commanding that Joseph bring his entire family to Egypt in turn for God sparing Egypt of the famine through Joseph.  This story teaches us to obey God above all else, even and especially above our desires and pleasures, so that God can work his wonderful and mysterious plan of salvation through each of us!  This story has it all- dysfunctional family, betrail, bondage, prosperity, conviction, forgiveness, repentance, restoration, and deliverance with a twisting plot that only God could come up with!  Sounds a lot like salvation!
The sermon today was on the first half of Matthew Chapter 27, verses 1-30.  Jesus is falsely accused and illegally tried and condemned to death.  We find Judas knowing that he betrayed an innocent man goes back to the Jewish leaders only to be rejected-  he himself guilty of sin and a situation he could not undo.  Judas then tries to hang himself but rather falls to his death in the attempt.  The Jews take Jesus to Pilate and he finds no fault in Jesus and tries to let Jesus go.  He even tries to release Jesus following the custom of the holiday, but the leaders insist that Jesus be killed.  The Jews threaten a riot at Pilates doing and Pilate gives in to them granting death by crucifixion.  Pilate, being warned by his wife to have nothing to do with this 'just' man, literally washes his hands of the situation.  Jesus is mocked, beaten, and scourged by the Romans and prepared for death on the cross.  If you didn't know God and that this was God's plan for the salvation mankind, you would think that the Jews killed Jesus.  They did not.  Jesus gave his life as a sacrifice for the sins of the world.  He did this so that we would be free of the condemnation of sin.  He who knew no sin, became sin for us that we might have eternal life.  We know this, but do we live knowing this?  Our blessing is to receive the free gift of salvation, and to then spend a lifetime here on earth spreading the gospel message so that others might too be saved.



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