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Sunday, March 24, 2019


Hi Everyone!

Let's 'peak' into heaven and see the Father on the throne! Wow, and see Jesus riding into Jerusalem for holy week- have a listen if you have the time. (

The Bible study today from Revelation Chapter 4 is AMAZING! Jesus calls John up to heaven, he goes through the open door and sees the Father on the throne. God shines like the jewels that represent the chosen people, the throne is alive with lightnings and thunders and voice, and there is a bow of emerald behind the throne, surrounded by the 12 thrones of the old testament elders and the 12 thrones of the new testament elders, and with the sea of crystal before the throne of the Father. The four living creatures with three pairs of wings filled with eyes and with the faces like a lion, calf, man, and eagle- which represents the four gospels that speak of Jesus and the King 9(lion), the Servant (calf), the Son of Man (man), and the Son of God (eagle). WOW!!! And as the four creatures worship God, the elders bow before God and cast their crowns before Him. God has chosen to reveal himself to us all His power and glory and love. The God who lives forever and ever. And we have the four faces of the creatures, the four gospels we can study, and learn, and worship a Holy God through our obedience. Yep, we got a peek into heaven to see the Father in all his glory, because He wants us to see Him that way. Why, so we too can worship Him in His glory.

The sermon today was on Mark Chapter 11. Jesus rode the colt into Jerusalem receiving praise 'Hosanna' from the crowd (this means 'save us'), He kicks the crooks and merchants out of the courtyard (second time), He sees and curses the fruitless fig tree, again tells us to pray with believing in our hearts, and challenges the clergy who challenge His authority. The big lesson here is the fig tree. The fig tree represents the nation of Israel; barren. The poor fig tree didn't have fruit because it wasn't the season for fruit, yet Jesus cursed the tree and it was dead the next day. The tree represents the Jewish leaders, and us too- our churches. And if we don't show good 'fruit'....we are of no value to the kingdom, or ourselves. We must be ready 'in season and out of season' to witness, serve, and worship our Lord. Jesus also said herein that we must pray and believe in our hearts that Jesus will hear and answer those prayers we pray within God's will. So, what kind of tree is your church, ba tree showing forth fruit, and what kind of tree are we? Fruitless or fruit giving?




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