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Sunday, March 18, 2018


Hi Everyone!

Today's lessons were very much practical and applied for us disciples- both the Bible study and the sermon in Luke!  Have a listen if you have the time (

The Bible study- new book- was on Job, Chapter 1.  We find Job, a man loving God and worshiping, where Job becomes the object of demonstration that God is our Creator and in dominion of all things, and worth worshiping regardless of circumstance or 'trial'.  God initiates a 'cosmic competition' with Satan where Satan is allowed to 'try' Job following God's direction.  Satan is allowed to take away all of Job's huge fortune and his children, yet Job does not curse God or even hurl accusations against God.  What does Job do when he is under fire?  He worships and praises God....'naked I came into the world, naked will I leave'.  He praises Him.  Boy....I wish I was there.  And there is hope for me because I have God in me who can have me be more than a conqueror of the trials of this life.  We will learn much from Job in this study!

The sermon was on Luke Chapter 17.  If you don't know, we have been in serious discipleship training with Jesus- He is teaching us as He was teaching His disciples and trying to reach the Pharisees.  Jesus tells us to toughen-up and be prepared to be attacked, to rebuke offenders- receive repentance-and forgive, and to not expect for Jesus or anyone else to 'thanks us' for serving Him- we are just doing as we are commanded by the Commander and Chief!  We are his 'unprofitable servants'.  It sounds like a 'cold' message but really, for those that serve, we must keep humble in order to serve Him as He leads us. And don't forget that His service to us on the cross and every minute of our life is so greater than anything we can do- even if we are apostle Paul!  Jesus then concludes the chapter with prophesy about the end times including the glory on the cross, the gathering, and the carnage to come in the wrath and final battle.  Jesus is the Master Teacher, and He needs to teach us all these things.  Why?  Because His kingdom comes THROUGH us!  He says the kingdom of God is IN us......   I bet none of us knew, when we prayed 'His kingdom come' as kids....we were praying and asking God that we would become kingdom holders and kingdom givers!  Think on that one for a bit!  This  has happened for all of us that call ourselves......... disciples of Jesus Christ.



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