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Sunday, November 22, 2020

Hi Everyone!

We have a 'good...good God' as our worship song goes.  How good our God is to us!  This topic is all about the Bible study today in II Corinthians Chapter 5 and the sermon text in I Peter Chapter 2.  Have a listen on the web site if you have the time, or view similar lessons on the church Facebook site at The Connection His Way Church or the church web site at (
The Bible study today was on II Corinthians Chapter 5, where Paul takes a breather from church correction and protection of the church from false teachers and false pastors perverting the true gospel message and turns to the blessings of living as a Christian.  First he reminds us that our ministry is all about God and his love, and that although we would rather be in heaven than in these bodies on earth because we believe and we 'walk by faith not by sight'.  He reminds us that we all, even us Christians, will stand before the judgment seat of Christ- we are responsible for what we do, we are accountable even though our sins are forgiven and there is no penalty or second death.  And we look forward to this judgement actually because it has more to do with our rewards for serving Christ for the things we did right for Him rather than the things we did wrong.  He tells us we are new creatures in Christ (born again) and all of the old, along with our sin, has passed away.  And finally, he tells us that we are ambassadors for Christ!  What honor.  We are reconciled to the Father by the blood of Jesus and we have been given a ministry of 'reconciliation'.  Wow!  But then he also reminds us that we should live as such in serving Him.  What honor He give us and we honor Him by living up to His commands.
The sermon today was on I Peter Chapter 2 where our pastor shows us that Christ if the cornerstone of our church and that we are......1) a chosen generation, 2) a royal priesthood, and 3) a peculiar people showing the world praise of Christ light.  We are the 'people of God' and we must turn from the lust of the world to the everlasting light of Christ.  In addition, which is appropriate for our time as well, we must submit to the government.  As servant of God we must honor all men, love the brotherhood, fear God, and honor the king (small 'k' or president).  This is a tall order, even without honoring our government leaders!  But yes, this is what God has for us and we should do it with the love of Christ in our hearts.  By this we will receive His peace and joy.






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