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Sunday, August 13, 2017


Hi Everyone!
Great day in the Lord today.  Lots of great stuff to think on from scripture today, like the answer to the second-most asked question; why don't I get along better with my spouse?  The first-most asked question God answered last week.....'what came first, the chicken or the egg?'  God says, 'why of course, I made the chicken complete with the egg!'  Have a listen if you have the time-
The Bible study today was on Romans Chapter 15, where Paul tells us that we worship the God of hope.  That's one huge difference between us believers and the rest of the world...we have hope.  And not just hope for hope's sake, but hope in Jesus Christ, and all of the promises He as given to us.  At the closing of the book, only one chapter to go, Paul is trying to unite the fractured early church, where Jews who are now saved are worshiping with the Gentiles that are also saved, all by faith in Jesus as Lord.  Paul basically says that it's the Holy Spirit that joins us all into one body of Christ- and if that is true for you, you ought to live like it.   So this chapter is about unification in hope, bringing peace and joy to the churches, just as Christ intended.  Now, we don't have the Jew/Gentile problem today in our churches, but our churches are fractured by flesh, and Christians that do not study the Word, let alone practice it.  We have work to do...not unto salvation- that work was done on the cross.  The work is found in sanctification and in brotherly love.
The sermon was on Genesis Chapter 3, where we learn about ourselves, and about this wonderful plan of salvation God has for us.  The chapter starts with the story of original sin, where Adam and Eve disobeyed God and gained knowledge of good and evil.  This brought on the curse of God, which is the underpinnings of salvation.  What?  Yep.  We are cursed, our relationships are cursed, and world is cursed.  All necessary so that everyone...everyone can have the chance to experience the need for salvation, and then by free choice, perhaps become born again.  You see, we must admit that, without trials- I mean daily struggles, and temptation, and suffering, and all the hard 'work' against the 'thistles and thorns' of this cursed world, we would not have a need for God.  It's really tough for those born with the ol' silver they need Jesus, deliverance, helps, and comfort?  God knows us- He made us- and He knows how to attract us to himself perchance that, by free choice, we choose salvation in Jesus.  As always, the needs we have by the curse in this world teach us about our desperate need for salvation in the next.  Everything is about salvation for God- even and especially original sin and the curses placed on Satan, the earth, on all men and women.  If you don't think so, look at our marriage relationship- women are cursed by having been made to love their husbands (men are not made to love their wives but commanded to do so), and men are cursed with ruling over their wives.   No trouble there!  In every area of our lives, (home, work, and play), God as afflicted us with a curse whereby we can recognize the need for God in our lives, and in our hearts.  This is the foundation of God's mysterious and marvelous plan of salvation for us!  So, the curse is not an excuse as to why we don't get along with our in-laws, but it has to do with the reason- we are all cursed.  But hold on....we are also blessed in Christ Jesus!


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