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Sunday, January 24, 2021

Hi Everyone!

Listing to God and doing those things He tells us to do is another name for 'abundant living'.  He wants only the best for us, and His best comes by submitting and serving Him, the one true God!  Great lessons today in the Lord- have a listen if you have the time: The Connection His Way Church or the church web site at

The Bible study today was in a new book of study, Galatians!  Paul wrote a word of encouragement to the three churches he started in Galatia and he assures them that he is an apostle of Christ, he got all of what he knows about the gospel of Jesus Christ from Jesus and not from anyone else, and that there is no other gospel.  So if we here some other 'good news' story, are we to believe it?  Paul says if it differs in ANY WAY from what he has given to them, that which came from God, do not believe it.  In fact, those that spread heresy are to be 'accursed'!  He says even if an angel appears to you and tells of another gospel, don't believe it.  Even if he preaches a different gospel, don't believe it.  I suppose what Paul is saying is that, there is only ONE gospel, ONE Christ, and one Holy Trinity- God.  There are many 'faiths' or 'spirits' to follow in this world, but only one God that loves you.  Confirm everything you hear, even in your church and from your friends, in the Bible- the true, living Word of life!  Beware of the spiritual movement that has no God, and folks that take something away from the gospel of Jesus Christ.
The sermon today was on I John Chapter 3, where John basically restates his 'love' message in the gospel of John to us from God.  He tells us how we can love God by being obedient to Him.  This is how we express our love for Him and please him.  God told King David that He valued obedience over sacrifice.  Wow, think about that!  When we sin we hurt ourselves it pulls us away from God, but if we come to Him and repent, we become restored and even closer to Him.  The other message John has for us here in Chapter 3 is all about the new commandment that Jesus gave us in the new testament- to love our fellow Christians as Christ loves His church...US!  This is love in action- remember that love is a verb and always involves an action from us to the person we love.  And when we love our church members, we show the world this 'God Love'.   Since God IS love, we give love for love....hey remember...grace for grace!






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