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Sunday, August 11, 2019


Hi Everyone!

You know, I am not much of a poet and I never really understood or liked poetry. But today, in reading Ephesians Chapter 3, wow what words, eloquent words of grace, like....'the unsearchable riches of Christ'! The lessons were great and we hear much from our Lord and Savior. Have a listen if you have the time. (

The sermon today was on Luke Chapter 13. Jesus teaches that just because someone has an aliment or has a tough trial, that does not mean that they are sinners worse than others. We were born sinners and we do sin even as Christians. Our goal is to help each other in restoration after sinning or transgressing. Jesus taught us about the kingdom, how it starts from just a word of truth (aka- mustard seed) and grows into a might herb-tree, or like yeast in bread dough- it spreads throughout. That's what we are to be about- spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ so that all might be saved. Jesus talked about the narrow gate to heaven and that we must have an intimate relationship with Him if we want to spend eternity with Him. I liked the story today of His healing of the woman who was bent over with an infirmity from Satan for 18 years, and Jesus healed her in the temple on the Sabbath. When the religious leaders objected, He reminded them that it was His job to free all from bondage and gather together the faithful in Jerusalem and around the world, for peace in Him by His grace. Great chapter of love!

The Bible study was on Ephesians chapter 3; I already gave away the thunder regarding this little chapter. God spoke through Paul and gave us two messages: that Jesus is our loving Savior with unsearchable riches of for us, and the mystery of salvation and our fellowship with God. Now that we are saved, with the Holy Spirit in us, we can begin to understand the great love of God, His manifold wisdom and grace, His giving of himself for our ransom. The more we read and study and attend church in fellowship with Christ, the more we understand and belong. To whom? Jesus. What a gift.





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