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Sunday, June 6, 2021

Hi Everyone!

Great lessons from the Lord today....did you know that Noah and company were on the ark for 371 days!!!  And how Christ is our ark today.  And our salvation is the 'pearl of great price'.  Wow!  Have a listen if you have the time at, or view similar teachings on the church Facebook site The Connection His Way Church or our web site at

The Bible study today was on Genesis Chapters 7 and 8.  God loads up the ark with Noah and the family along with seven pairs (male/female) of clean animals and two pairs of unclean animals, then the Lord opens up the fountains of the earth below (floods the earth from the up-welling of water), then as all that moisture enters the atmosphere, God causes it to rain for 40 days and 40 nights (the period of trial).  The up-welling continues until the ark is 'lifted up above the earth' (sound familiar) all the mountains are covered by water by 22 1/2 feet.  All life on earth dies; all people too except Noah and his family.  The water is on the earth for 150 days, then God causes a wind to dry the earth out which took another 150 days, then Noah tested the situation with birds until he then takes off the 'covering', see the dry ground, and then....he waits.  He waits for God to tell him it's OK to step out of the boat (sound familiar Peter?).  So what's the first thing that Noah does on dry land...he builds an alter to the LORD and sacrifices clean animal to Him, pleasing God by his obedience.  This Noah is quite the spiritual stud!  I wish I had the faith and trust of Noah.  I wish we all did.  Note that the ark was covered, the inhabitants were completely secure and protected, even from the terror and horror of watching all the life on the earth die.  Like our ark today, the Lord keeps us from the fear and terror of the world, so long as we stay in the ark and keep our vision on Him.
The sermon today was on Matthew Chapter 13- where to begin!  Jesus teaches about salvation and heaven.  Way to much to talk in this note, but here is a quick summary: parable of the four soils (salvation process), reason why He taught in parables (ears to hear), parable of the wheat and tares (Satan's weeds), parable of the mustard seed (faith), gathering of non-believers in the final judgement (second death), kingdom treasure parable (purchase that plot), parable of casting a net and saving some (God will sort it our in the end), parable of the pearl of great price (salvation), and the disbelief by the towns people of Jesus in His village (encouragement for us regarding rejection of the message).  My two favorite parables here in Jesus' teaching are the four soils, and the pearl of great price.  The parable of the four soils is exactly the process of hearing the Word of God, then moving past the birds stealing the truth, our lack of foundation to understand, the attacks upon us as we start to receive Him, and then the joy of salvation as we do accept Jesus as Savior and His grace.  So true!  I like the parable of the pearl of great price because this parable describes to us both what it cost our LORD (the greatest price on the cross), and also how valuable it is to us ( worth all we have and then some).  It is worth a merchant selling all that he has in order to obtain this great prize.  Our salvation is the most valuable thing we have, and our job is to share the truth and joy of our salvation to those who reject the Savior.  Oh how He loves us!



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