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Bible Studies and Sermons on Audio by Chuck Schmidt

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Sunday, June 26, 2022

Hi Everyone!

Jonah trying to run from God (Jonah Chapter 1) and God telling us we must hate our family in order to be His disciples!  Yikes!  What lessons God has for us today. Have a listen if you have the time at Or, view similar teachings on the church Facebook site The Connection His Way Church.

The Bible study today was such fun!  Watching Jonah try to run from God and choosing death over serving Him.  Sure, he hated the Ninevehites, the Jews were at war with them for centuries.  Plus the Ninevehites were a barbaric, ruthless people and wicked by God's own account.  Yet despite this, God had a love for them too (just like us) and sent Jonah to them to preach repentance to them or be destroyed like Sodom.  Jonah knew that if he obeyed God and preached to them, that they might repent and God would then spare them.  So Jonah did the only thing he could think and hide and disobey God....sin!  But God had other plans.  As you know, once the sailors found out that this terrible storm was Jonah's fault, they respectfully agreed to toss him overboard in order to save themselves and the ship.  Once he hit the water the storm was instantly calmed and this great witness to these pagan sailors had them praying to God, worshiping Him, and even making sacrifices and vows to God.  The story in itself is great, but notice God's use of this event to reach the sailors while He was accomplishing His plan- this event was a testimony for the pagan sailors that God is real, He hears and responds to us, and that He can save, both in the flesh and in spirit for all eternity.  You know what?  We are now this testimony to God and His saving love for us.  Don't miss the opportunity to witness in His name so that others might be saved.  The salvation you have received is truly a miracle. 


The sermon today was on Luke Chapter 14.  Hard core lessons today.  Jesus taught us to be humble and respectful of others, to accept the invitation to the banquet (marriage feast of the bridegroom), and to hate our family and others.  What?  Well, if you take the whole Bible into context, including the part where He tells us to love Him with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength, God is simply giving us the priority to follow regarding our love life.  Clearly the Bible tells us to love and care for our family and love our neighbors, and even to love our enemies.  But the only way we can have a proper 'love life' is to love God first and best, then honor God by loving others.  We can only be His disciples by living this way.  He also tells us to carry our cross daily.  Not his cross....our cross.  So what's our cross?  We must witness to him so that others have the chance to consider bowing before Jesus and accepting grace.  Our cross is also sanctifying ourselves away from the world and our flesh, and sanctifying ourselves to God.  We must practice or 'Christianity' daily.  When we do, we will experience heavenly rewards and abundant living as God intends for us!



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