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Bible Studies and Sermons on Audio by Chuck Schmidt

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Sunday, May 22, 2022

Hi Everyone!

Did you know that about one-third of the Bible is prophesy?  It's true!  Today we studied another dream from the book of Daniel on prophesy, and in sermon the Lord taught us how to pray!   Have a listen if you have the time at Or, view similar teachings on the church Facebook site The Connection His Way Church.

The Bible study was on Chapter 8 of the book of Daniel- the first dream given to him was given again along with more details.  But the dreams were basically the same showing Daniel what would happen to the powerful kingdoms of the world in the near future, and the powerful kingdom of the Antichrist to come.  One difference was that the second dream from Chapter 8 spoke of the transgression of desolation affecting worship for the Jews in the temple- what happened then and what will happen in the tribulation period.  So why is God showing us these things, twice now, through Daniel and then in much more detail in the last book of the Bible...Revelation?  Because He wants us to know and have faith that all this to come is part of his will on earth which includes judgement of evil and the next thing.  Well, what's the next thing?  Glad you asked: earth groanings, the gathering (rapture), tribulation, partial judgments, full judgement, armageddon, the 1,000 year reign of Jesus on the earth, the physical world 'melting', and New Jerusalem.   He doesn't tell us when all this will happen but He does tell us that we will know the 'season'.  Could be soon...could be now!  In the mean time, what are we to be about?  That we know...witnessing for Jesus for the purpose of salvation, Jesus' heart's desire for the world!


The sermon today was on Luke Chapter 11: 1-13.  Here we have the disciples asking Jesus how to pray to the Father and Jesus teaching by sharing the Lord's prayer which we all know.  But then Jesus goes on.  He goes on to tell us that God loves a saint that prays consistently with persistence.... He knows what we are going to pray  yet wants us to pray and to believe that He hears and will address our prayers.  Trouble is that He often says 'no', He often answers our prayers differently that we expect, and He always answers prayers in His time.  It can be discouraging yes, but we must trust Him and have faith.  The He closes this teaching by showing us that although we may be good parents, or neighbors, or friends to others...that there is someone so much better than us...the Father in  heaven!  So since we know we do good and help and serve others, God is the champ at this.  So turn those cares and worries over to God and surrender to His will for us on earth.  Pray!




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