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Bible Studies and Sermons on Audio by Chuck Schmidt

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Sunday, February 25, 2024

Hi Everyone!


Today was such a joy- studying God's Word and learning how God wants us to live as well as learning more about the events leading up to Calvary Hill. Have a listen if you have the time (  Or view similar lessons on the church Facebook and Youtube sites The Connection His Way Church. (

The Bible study today was on I Kings Chapter 2 where David is on his death bed and he gives great fatherly and godly advice to the next king, Solomon.  He tells his son to walk in the ways of the Lord, be a strong and a God-fearing man, and to raise his kids right so that God will fulfill the promise made to David in keeping a king in the lineage of David, which fulfills the first covenant from David to the Messiah!  He then tells Solomon to 'clear the list' of those that stood against, cursed, or rebelled against David not only to 'get back at them', but more so to prevent them from doing the same thing to Solomon.  Solomon showed both mercy and justice (including execution) and gave these rebellious folks a chance to live, but many could not obey and had to deal with the consequences of their sin and choices.  Solomon looks to be a very godly, wise, and tender-hearted king!


The sermon today was on Mathew Chapter 27:1-26 where Judas realizes what he has done to Jesus and tries to stop the arrest but it's too late.  Jesus is brought before Pilate and he finds no fault in Jesus and certainly no reason to have Jesus crucified.  He tries three times to free Jesus but when they insist that the Romans (who could care less about the life of any Jew) crucify Him, he agrees to the the death on the cross for Jesus then washes his  hands of the whole deal (literally!).  What most folks do not understand is that no one killed Jesus.  Jesus voluntarily gave His life as a payment for sin for the world.  He sacrificed himself so that his precious blood could be a substitute payment for all those who ask Jesus for forgiveness.  It's only His given blood that saves.  Thank you Jesus!




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Chuck Schmidt leads an adult Bible study on Sunday morning at a retirement home in the Red Bluff area, followed by two church services.  Since November, 2011, Chuck has been recording the messages and sending them out to friends that are interested in them.  If you would like to be added to the mailing list, contact Chuck at

These teachings are presented online on this website free of charge in the form of Streaming MP3 audio.

Thank you for visiting this website; we pray that it is a blessing to you.

Chuck Schmidt

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