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Bible Studies and Sermons on Audio by Chuck Schmidt

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Sunday, December 3, 2023

Hi Everyone!


My goodness, what lessons the Lord has for us today!  David is convicted of his sin, repents, God tells David of his consequences to come, David repents, and David worships the Lord.  And if that's not enough, in Matthew Jesus tells unvarnished truth to the Jewish leaders regarding their disobedience. Have a listen if you have the time (  Or view similar lessons on the church Facebook and Youtube sites The Connection His Way Church. (

One thing you need to understand is this- having the Holy Spirit teach trough His Bible teachers and pastors is no picnic for us!  As I taught today about what David had done, how it displeased God, God used a 'David-specific' story through the prophet Nathan that would convict David of his sin, God telling David of the consequences of his sin to come, and watching David repent, receive forgiveness, then return to God in worship, speaks to what all of His saints go through as we seek to stay on the road to 'righteousness'.  We forget that when we sin, God cannot look upon us the same way until we come to Him and ask for forgiveness.  Even the Father had to turn his back on the Son as He took our sin upon his back, for us.  But God in his infinite love for us, is 'right and just to forgive us' of our sins.  Why?  We know better, especially those of us the are involved in teaching and preaching his Word.  So, yea, we hear and obey Lord.  And it is far better to stop the bus at the first wave of ungodliness as we are tempted of our flesh and resist temptation.  It's a MAJOR victory as we do so!  That pleases God rather than displeases God.  You and I will never know the joy of refusing temptation as an alternative to sinning, unless we resit temptation.  It pleases God when we obey Him and honor Him in this way.


The sermon today was on Matthew Chapter 21: 22-46 where Jesus tells the Jewish leaders, with love, that they are greatly mistaken, and they are not serving the purpose God intended for the Jews.  They question Jesus' authority and He uses the situation to tell them that the leaders refused the baptism of repentance offered by John, then tells them two parables about serving rather than denying God's will for them and Israel, and then He shares Bible with them about himself as the chief cornerstone.  They figure out that He is talking about their disobedience and lack of 'love relationship' with the Father.  This was the last week on earth where Jesus could directly speak eternal life to the leaders that were suppose to be leading the people to God for salvation.  In particular the parable of a certain 'householder' (Father) who built a vineyard and winery (earth and plan of salvation by the Jewish faith) and left 'husbandmen' (Jewish leaders) in charge who were suppose to bring the householder 'fruits of it' (salvation) to Him.  You know the story....  After killing the son (Son) of the householder (Father) in order to seize the inheritance of the son (King of kings, Lord of lords), Jesus asked them what will the householder do when he comes to the vineyard? The Jewish leaders said he will utterly destroy the husbandmen.  Soon after, Jesus showed them that "The kingdom of God shall be taken from you and given to a nation bringing forth the fruits thereof."   (verse 43)  With that and another scripture, the leaders sought to lay hands on Him, meaning to arrest, try, and kill him for blaspheme.  Wow.  But you know, it's the same today.  Either you hear the words of Jesus, of salvation, or you refuse them and deny Him, leaving only the curse of the second death.  Jesus came to save them, and us, and all those that believe.  We are that 'fruit' of God's will!





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