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Sunday, August 9, 2020


Hi Everyone!

Great day in the Lord!  As we study the Word we find the answers to life's challenges now, which confirm all the promises of God found in the Word.  Have a listen if you have the time (  You can view similar lessons and sermons on the church Facebook site The Connection His Way Church or the church web site
The Bible study today was on 1 Corinthians Chapter 6 where Paul gives more strict lessons to the church in Corinth pertaining to accountability of the church, settling disputes among Christians, avoiding legal action in worldly courts as opposed to admitting guilt settling differences between us, and the big issue....keeping immorality out of our lives.  Our conduct and love for one another must show Christ to the world and that's why we have rules from God about our church conduct and who we serve.  Often times we see conduct in church worse than the world ruled by flesh.  We are obligated to serve Christ and glorify Him in our conduct and our bodies!  We cannot compromise our integrity and morality in our bodies because when we do we are disobeying God and also bringing that compromise to our families and churches.  As Paul tells us in this chapter, we must glorify Christ here on earth both in our bodies and in our spirit.
The sermon today in Hebrews Chapter 5 draws the parallel for the Jews between the Jewish high priest and his responsibilities (to lead the service involving forgiveness of sin for the Jews for the year) and Jesus as the High Priest and his responsibilities (to forgive sins of all mankind as people choose Him).  Jesus is our Savior and by His gift of grace, we can be forgiven of our sin and spend eternity in heaven, viewed by the Father as 'sinless'.  The author, likely Paul, showed the Jews that Jesus is THE High Priest on the 'order of Melchizedek' who met Abraham in the desert after Abraham defeated the enemies of God.  Abraham had communion with Melchizedek (who's name means King of Righteousness) and paid him (or Him) a tithe!  Most believe that Melchizedek was Christ who came for this occasion (before He came as Jesus) to lay the foundation for Jesus as THE High Priest of God... as God.  The cross was Jesus' choice and obedience, the implement of salvation for us and place of His sacrifice for us, showed us what submission to God is, and how important submission and obedience is for us.  The chapter then takes us, as leaders, to teach these lessons to others so that we can serve Him doing His will.  Remember that Pastor Peter tells us the same thing that we are a 'nation of priests' for Christ....along the order of Melchizedek....along the order of Christ!  Wow!  Mature Christians need to teach this to other believers, and live it for non-believers.




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