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Sunday, November 28, 2021

Hi Everyone!

Powerful messages from the Word today from God our creator!  Here we experience the first 'giving' of the 10 commandments to Moses, and Jesus speaking of his mission on earth to the disciples.  Have a listen if you have the time Or, view similar teachings on the church Facebook site The Connection His Way Church or our web site at

The Bible study today was on Exodus Chapter 20- God intended that all the Jews would be a 'nation of priests' for him, but they only wanted Moses to speak to God for them and hear from God through Moses.  Sounds like today where some folks expect the pastor to have this kind of relationship with God for the congregation.  God delivered the commandments verbally to Moses and in this first giving He gives us some explanation and reasoning behind them.  I love it when God tells us 'why'.  In addition, God tells the people that there isn't any need to worship with statues or fancy alters or steps to the alter.....He only wants a simple alter of stone, not cut stone, just rocks basically at places of worship and sacrifice.  I guess that cuts out these big church buildings where all this goes on.  Why?  Well, does man think he can improve on God's creation including rocks?  But man in doing so with hand-crafted items receives the glory of man for the workmanship when it's God who should receive all the glory.  He said if you lay a tool on the alter of sacrifice you 'pollute it'.  That says it all and it also speaks to the mis-direction away from God, His creation, and His glory.  It's so very easy for us to be distracted away from God and his law and teachings; remember that Satan is the governor of the earth and this sort of thing (idol worship) is just the thing that God wants us to avoid.  The 10 commandments are the basis for our civil law of course, but it's primary purpose is to convict us of our sin and demonstrate to us the need for salvation; the need for grace.  The law cannot save us, but it can bring our hearts to the place where we are ready to receive forgiveness of sin and accept salvation.
The sermon today was on Mark Chapter 8.  Lots going on in this short chapter today: the feeding of the 4,000 men, temptation by the Pharisees to show them a sign, the warning of the leaven of the Pharisees, the healing of the blind man...then the bomb!  Jesus asks the disciples who the people think He is.  The disciples respond with the talk of the streets.  Then Jesus asks them who THEY think He is....Peter pronounces that Jesus is the CHRIST!  Great and true answer.  Then soon after Jesus tells them of his mission...what is going to happen including His death on the cross.  Peter proclaims wrongly...'not on my watch!'.  Wrong answer Peter.  Jesus tells Peter and us that we all must carry our cross and follow Him, even to the point of death.  He also reminds us to never be ashamed of Him.  If we do, He will be ashamed of us as we stand before the Father in heaven some day.  Jesus will never leave us or forsake us....we need to do the same for Him!



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