"There REALLY is a Heaven!"  WDGS

I just happen to see an interview with a family on TV a few weeks ago, named the Burpo’s, and the parents were telling the story of their 4-year old boy, who, during a surgery, died, went to heaven, then came back.  The Dad is a pastor of a small church in Nebraska, and they learned of their son Colton’s trip to be with God only by little things the young boy would say that didn’t really make much sense. 

Sure, you might say that the kid just pieced all of his ‘recall’ together from listening to all the ‘Jesus talk’ around the house and at church doings - Dad was a minister after all.  But when I heard the testimony about the ordeal, listened to them in the ‘spirit’ and found no guile in them, I wanted to read what the boy had to say about heaven. 

I have always thought that God ‘short-changed heaven’…and hell in His Word.  I mean, what He says about heaven and hell isn’t really that much, and I always figured that this was intentional since He doesn’t want folks to accept Him as Lord just to get into heaven or just to avoid an afterlife in hell- He wants us to accept Him for who He is and for His love for us, not the perks.  Anyway, I wanted to get the ‘rest of the story’ told from the young lips of Colton- through the eyes of the faithful, the children. 

Anyway, even though I don’t like to read much, I ordered the book (Heaven is for Real, Todd Burpo, about $10 online, Wal-Mart has them too) and read it.  The book was OK, probably good, but I was really only interested in what Colton had to say about Jesus and heaven, so I didn’t care much about the other things in the book.  Anyway, the stuff about Jesus and heaven was really good, very believable, and it aligned with the Word of God on every count.  These details are not necessarily in the Word, but they seemed to make perfect sense.

First of all, according to Colton, if you would like to have a sneak-peek at the face of Jesus, just go online and Google search the young artist Akiane Kramarik's portrait of Jesus ‘Prince of Peace’.  After Colton started talking about Jesus and heaven, his parents became convinced that he went to heaven and they would ask him questions about heaven.  One of the things they wanted to know about Jesus was what He was like and what He looked like. 

Colton said that Jesus was really nice and that He loved kids very much, spending a lot of time with them.  They asked Colton what Jesus looked like- he said Jesus wore a white robe with a purple sash, he has pretty eyes, brown hair and a beard, and red markers….the markers the parents later figured out were the scars in red of the nail holes in His hands and feet. 

For years they showed Colton different paintings of the face of Jesus in an attempt to see what he saw, and he always would say no, not just like that.  Until one day, they showed Colton the painting done by Akiane- she, at 6 years old, claimed to be taken up to heaven to meet Jesus so that she could paint the face of Jesus for us (incredible painter at the age of 6!).  When they showed a photo of this painting by Akiane, Colton agreed and said, yes, this is what Jesus looks like.  So, on good authority, if you want to have a sneak-peek at the face of the Savior, by all means do so.  I believe it from those with ‘childlike faith’ such as Akiane and Colton.

Colton went on to tell them much about their family in heaven (grandparents and such), what heaven was like (lots of colors, animals, everyone had wings except Jesus- He doesn’t need wings because He just goes up and down when He wants to), and what goes on there (fellowship, joy, loving one another, homework???), and I encourage you to get the book and judge for yourself- does this line-up with scripture, is this what heaven is like.    

You know, one thing is sure, we have the promise of heaven yet we don’t usually think about it much.  What the throne of God looks like (Colton says that the throne is really big and the Father is really big, Jesus sits on the right hand of the Father with the angel Gabriel on the left), Jesus hearing our prayers and acting on them, and God sending down power to US as we serve and teach and preach in His name……wow, all this and much more.

You know, God reminds us that when we pray, we pray before the throne of God in heaven, and in the spirit we too are in heaven.  That the veil between man and God was rent from top to bottom, and that Jesus shares a ‘Oneness’ with us so that we can be ‘one’ with the Father as He is One, and Jesus put the Holy Spirit in us….we are inseparable from the Holy Trinity.  Do we live like this now?  I admit that most of the time I don’t.  But why don’t I?   We are busy, self-centered and physically-oriented beings.  Sometimes I wish the spirit part of me was on the ‘outside’ and not the ‘inside’ so that I would be mindful of the important part of life now, not just when I pray and read and serve God.

So, I guess it’s up to us.  For those of us that know God, love God, look forward to seeing God face-to-face in heaven and living in heaven, why not experience heaven now?  We have that privilege you know; we are the children of God on the most high- His beloved.

PS- Colton, who at a young age became a master swordsman in his playtime defeating villains of all sorts with his plastic sword, was asked by his dad jokingly about something he thought would not be in heaven - swords (meaning no sword play for kids).  Colton replied that there were too swords in heaven, but Jesus would not let him play with them.  He asked Colton who had the swords?  Colton said why the angels did.  Colton’s dad asked why they had swords- he said because Satan was not yet thrown in the pit by Jesus yet!  He went on to say that he saw his dad doing battle with monsters in the final battle, which concerned Colton’s dad.  Colton told his dad, not to worry, Jesus wins! 

Apparently, since time has no meaning in heaven, we can see/experience all things at ‘any time’.