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Sunday, September 17, 2017


Hi Everyone!
Fall!  Cooler weather, some clouds in the sky, even a few raindrops, football....did I mention cooler weather?  The changing of the seasons is such a gift, even if it gets hot again which it likely will, thank you Lord for this new season.  We tend to forget that we live in the 'now' with God, just like heaven will be.
Today's Bible lessons was from Galatians Chapter 4.  Wow, what a sleeper.  In fact, the small letter is not studied as much as other epistles, yet it has some blockbuster teaching.  Like today, Paul shows us how Ishmael, the son of the bondservant is a child of the flesh, where Isaac is a son of the free woman and a child of promise, like us!  Agar is Mount Sinai and the covenant of the law, where Abram/Sarah/Isaac are Jerusalem and the covenant of promise and eternal life in Christ!  What a revelation this must have been to Paul.  Totally cool!  Paul used this lesson to call back the back-sliding Christians from bondage under the law to grace and freedom in Christ.  Like the Galatians, we too have that same problem.  We don't backslide to the law, for us it's the flesh and the world.  We must work daily to NOT BE those people we were before grace.  We too were slaves to this world and the flesh, but now.....we are bondservants to Christ, heirs to the throne of grace, and we are children of the free woman.  Note- Paul also tips his hand here regarding his 'thorn in the flesh'- he calls it his 'temptation', I suppose because his pain and suffering tried to 'tempt' him to not serve the Lord.   Something that sounds debilitating having to do with his eyes.  Paul serves in spite of or perhaps because of his 'thorn in the flesh'.  What's our 'temptation'?
The sermon today took snips of Genesis Chapter 10 and all of Chapter 11.  We follow the lineage of Shem  to Abraham and Ham to Nimrod (mighty hunter, leader, city builder apart from God), Sodom and Gomorra, and Babel.  The focus of the lesson was on people wanting to make a name of themselves, accomplish a tower to heaven and not needing God.  God watched all this and decided, as an action of love, to give them different 'languages', scatter the peoples to the different areas of Pangea (one world land mass), and the part the land into the continents we now have today.  And he put some significant 'barriers' between these different peoples or great seas and mountain ranges.  Why did He do that.  Given the text and his description of the ambition of men without God, it sounds like a plan way better than another worldwide, catastrophic do-over.  He did it out of mercy and grace.  And when you look at it, this is what the world is today, different continents, nations, languages, and the world looking like it did from this time of land parting to today....which it will remain as such until world-reshaping happens for Christ's 1,000 year reign.  Wow, we have learned so much from these few chapters in Genesis.  And the most reviling is what we have learned about us.  The heart is desperately wicked, who can know it....except God that is.   The lesson of the tower of Babel for us is this....God is God, we are not, and we were made by Him for His pleasure!
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