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Sunday, August 12, 2018

Hi Everyone!

We concluded the book of Esther today which had a great 'God' ending (of course) and then had some serious teachings from our Lord. Have a listen if you have the time! (

The conclusion of the book of Esther was just wonderful! On the 13th day of the 12th month, the second decree gave the right to the Jews under the king's rule to defend themselves, which they did. All those that hated the Jews came against them and were killed by the sword- the enemies of the Jews had fear of them as they knew that God was on their side. Even the military and police sided with and helped the Jews. All of their enemies were killed but God did not want them to touch their possessions- He prospered them by His hand and not by the conquests of battle. So these two days after the decree and civil war were then set aside as the Jewish holiday Purim, which is still celebrated by some to this day. Mordecai grew in stature and lead the Jews as second in command for generations to come pursuing peace and truth for his people. We all love happy endings, but this is much more. God preserved his 'chosen people' and insured the coming of the Messiah. Esther was, like Moses, a deliverer of His people. We too now are God's chosen, and He has delivered us from our sin and the second death, and He protects us so that we can do His bidding here on earth. Let's all remember that we serve the King for His purpose and pleasure, every day.

The sermon was on Matthew 10. Jesus instructs then sends out the 12 disciples to witness in His name proclaiming that the kingdom of God is at hand. He has them rely on God for this mission, and then goes on to tell them that the world is against them, to avoid trouble, and to be wise as serpents but gentle as doves. Likewise He instructs us to rely on Him in all things, especially witnessing in His name. Jesus then goes on to tell us that if we deny Him before men, He will deny us before the Father. This is a clear message...check your heart! There are folks in our churches or those that don't attend that claim to be in prayer to God, but actually have never accepted Jesus as Lord. Friends, this is the most important thing in life for us personally, to find Jesus and accept grace. All of scripture speaks to this, and this is what we are to be about.....salvation. When He talks of loosing our lives in order to live (dying to flesh and living to Christ), He means it. And when He says that we must carry our cross daily (not His cross, our death to flesh and service to Him), He means that too. These are hard words from the Master; He is a hard man. But He is also...all love and truth, and He will not allow us to be deceived by the world, Satan or our flesh. Friends, make sure that you have a testimony of salvation, and that you continue to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to all that you know, as lead by the Holy Spirit.



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