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Sunday, April 15, 2018


Hi Everyone!

Things to get excited about....God's grace and mercy, His complete control over His creation, God's wisdom in the 'inner parts'.  He puts His wisdom in the inner parts of even inanimate objects?......Yes.

Today's Bible lesson was from chapters 38-41; the response by God to all of Job's belly-aching.  Job passed the test by not cursing God through his trials, but he slipped a bit by demanding an explanation of God, and accusing God of being unjust.  Yikes!  God spoke to Job out of a whirlwind (cool) and demanded answers from Job.  "Job, we you there when I made the universe?"  Job, who is the father of rain?"  "Job, did you know that I put my 'wisdom' in all things, even dust?"  God chose to answer Job with a presentation of God's majesty, power, and might- and let Job figure it out.  When God got through His rant back to Job, Job could only say...I am vile and I have no response God.  God humbled Job- attitude correction.  And in the process we learn all sorts of cool stuff about creation.  God put His wisdom in all thing, both inanimate and living creations.  When it comes to animals, we call that 'instinct'.  He calls it His wisdom.  But when it comes to inanimate things, He still programs all the physical makeup of the universe. How cool is that!  But the kicker comes when God tells Job, when you can cloth yourself with majesty and glory....and save yourself, then I will be subject to you.  Until cannot claim that I am an unjust God.  Wow...what a response from God.  I have an even bigger and better appreciation for who God is, and His complete control of His creation.  More so, He loves us beyond our wildest imagination.

The sermon today was on Luke Chapter 21.  Jesus starts the chapter by commenting on the poor widow who gave to God all she had; two mites (0.2 cents).  Jesus said she gave all out of her need for the love of God where most of us give to God out of our abundance.  We know that we must and are happy to give to God 10% of our treasures, but also we must give out of our time and talent.  God put this passage in a chapter chocked with prophesy- prophesy about the destruction of Jerusalem that happened in 70 AD, and the end-times prophesy.  He wasn't really speaking about the future as much as the present, both then and now.  Those that took to heart Jesus' prophesy about Jerusalem knew to look for the signs that He spoke of and to get out of Dodge at the right time to save themselves.  He also told them to be prepared to witness to their enemies and He would give them the words to say as testimony.  Likewise, He spoke of end-times events and warned for all to pray and have no fear since we know what is coming.  He said all things will pass away, but His words will not- His word will last for eternity.  Serving God through the tough times now and the tough times to come, will be our greatest worship to our Master.  Remember we serve a key role in the mystery of salvation.  All of scripture speaks of God's great plan of salvation- it's most important to God, and to us.  He reminds us that no matter what will happen in that time, now in our time, and the time to come, our salvation cannot be taken from us.



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