Cross Declaration Outreach


Cross Building Outreach

Dear Beloved:

Below please find links to a "Guidance Manual" for the Christmas Declaration Cross Building Outreach.  The Outreach consists of building and distributing lighted crosses at Christmas whereby we 'declare' Christ as our Lord by displaying these lighted crosses.  It's a 'declaration' as opposed to a Christmas 'decoration'.

The intent of this manual is to provide the instruction needed in order to organize and implement a church cross building and outreach effort for Christ.  The original intent was to re-direct the world’s vision at Christmas, however, the outreach also works well at Easter.  Not to offend Santa or the Easter Bunny, these holy days are intended to give glory and honor and worship to Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.  And we are not willing to forgo that!

The manual includes the following sections:

  • Greetings
  • Introduction
  • Schedule Information
  • Materials, Tools, and Workplace Needs
  • Cross Construction
  • Outreach and Handout Tracts
  • ‘Count the Cost’ Summary

We pray that this church building (discipling) and outreach effort is as good for your church as it has been for ours.  Please feel free to contact me and our team with any questions you may have.  My contact information is below, and we will pray for your church!

Learning in Christ!

Chuck Schmidt
Red Bluff, CA

Click here to download the Cross Declaration Manual
(PDF form, will open in a new window)

Click here to download the Declaration Script Handout
(PDF form, will open in a new window)

Right-click here and select "Save link as" or "Save target as" to download the sample Tract
(MS Word document -- before printing, replace "(Your Church)" with the name of your church!)